I had never thought that the wife of my boss was attractive. Having been thick, older, and somewhat rude made her unattractive to me. I had worked for their company for two years and conversations between me and her were never extensive. She knew I was not interested and I knew she was neither. At a young age, I preferred younger girls with a slim waist and big curves. After all, there was no reason to be attracted to the wife of my boss. That notwithstanding, I had a tendency of jerking my dick to any female who met me in private. I don’t know how flashing became a culture but enjoyed every stroke.

On the eve of Independence Day, I received a call from the boss that I was supposed to take care of the project with the assistance of his wife. He had requested her to come by so that we could complete the pending project together. I agreed to it and was to wait for her by noon of the same day. By around 11 am, the thought of jerking came on me and I succumbed to the temptation. In my thoughts, she would come by noon and so I had about an hour to jerk. I quickly put on the earphones and went straight to my favorite porn hub site. I watched for a few minutes and since I was alone in the office, I removed my erect dick and started massaging it.

One thing was clear and that was, I had forgotten to lock the door. I had thought that by noon, I would be done and we would start the project after Sarah, the boss’ wife would show up. Unfortunately, she decided to come earlier than noon and was soon on the door of my office knocking. Because of the loud noise in the earphones connected to the pc, I could not hear her. After she was tired of knocking, she decided to enter may be to wait for me.

She was really surprised to see me jerking my monster dick as I watched porn. I did not even notice that she had entered and continued to have a good time. She coughed to call my attention but I could not hear. She presented herself in front of my desk and I was terrified. I quickly closed the windows and tabs on my computer and was very embarrassed. I did not even have time to get my dick back into the boxers. She watched me in disbelief and I desired that the world end that day. She had already seen my manhood.

As she stood there, she stared at me wondering what the hell I was up to. As a gracious woman, she asked me not to be embarrassed and that it was normal to have a good time once in a while. I could not believe that those words were coming from her mouth. She apologized for showing up ahead of time but I confirmed that it was not a problem. My dick had started to shrink but after I saw how gracious and comfortable she was at its presence, it started erecting harder and bigger.

She asked me whether I had finished and whether she would excuse me so that we would proceed with the project later. Cut between choices, I jokingly said that I would continue in her presence if she was okay. She approved that I continue but shame was all over my face. I wished that she would join me but I could not have the courage to let those words out. She insisted that it was normal to jerk and that I was free to do it in her presence. Besides, she said that no one was a child.

I gathered as much courage as I could and stammered something. I meant to request that she help me out but some other words came out instead. She understood what I meant and without hesitation, she went and locked the door. I was terrified like hell. I was not sure whether it was what I wanted but some strong lust took the place of my senses. As she was coming towards me, I started seeing her in another way. She looked more attractive than all porn dolls I used to jerk with. She was curvy for the first time and I saw the sexy lips from another angle.

When she came next to me, she grabbed the dick without my permission. She asked me not to fear and that the boss was far away for a business trip. She looked like a pro and for the first time, a woman sucked it. I felt very good and since she was older, I allowed her to take the lead. She unbuttoned my pants and asked me to sit on the chair. My dick was pointing upwards and a clear liquid could be seen on its tip. The excitement was the state I was in and I cherished that chance. She sucked it so well but she ensured that the rhythm did not allow me to release.

When I was hard enough, she stripped off and I saw her nudity. She was very beautiful in a black bra and panty. She wanted me to be on top and do it as well as I could. Some thoughts flushed my mind that the boss would show up but I quickly dismissed them. I asked her to sleep on the office couch with her thick legs looking upwards. I guided her with a touch and she put those beautiful legs apart. I was not used to sucking and licking pussies. However, I had the ability to rub them so well and those who became my prey can attest. I felt very excited when I saw her clean shaved thick pussy.

For the first time, I was standing at the same level as my boss. The level of enjoying what he had all along enjoyed alone. I wanted to do it better than he had. I wanted to take the game to the next level. I wanted her to sing my praises going forward. I was fond of inserting a finger in the anal region as I continued to rub the pussy. That trick seemed to work very well to all the girls that I had the chance to fuck. I always ensured that they climaxed at least twice before throwing the thrusts. In between the thrusts, they would also release again and I enjoyed how they would mourn.

I was ready to use the same trice on Sarah. As she lay on the couch, I rubbed her thick pussy until she was river wet. I occasionally slid my fingers to her anal region as if I wanted to insert them. Every time I teased an attempt, she would mourn in anticipation and I knew I was doing it the right way. She was amazed at how well I was doing it and she was still for minutes. Instead of achieving a climax twice, she got it three times before I inserted my manhood. She finally screamed and begged that I insert it. Who am I, a monster? Yes of course.

I brought it close to her and gave a few teasers. I would enter the neck region and then remove it. I wanted to do that until she could cum again. I knew they were her very sensitive parts and I was very excited. After all, she was the wife of my boss. She was older and from the look of things, I was satisfying her. I asked whether she had been fucked with such a massive dick and she replied no. she had not been drilled by a monster like the one that was erected in front of her. She begged me to drill deeper and I knew it was time.

From experience, I had learned that women love it when you drill at a good pace. They have loved monster dicks but they loved it more when you increased speed and you were a pro. That was exactly what I did to her. I started increasing the pace and I enjoyed the way she was screaming. She was enjoying my massive threats and I was like a predator in front of the prey. I was doing it like her hero. I wanted to fuck her as I had never before. She was enjoying it and I was enjoying it. Within a few minutes, I was ready to climax. What would have been a cum from porn became a climax from live sex. It was very phenomenal and I enjoyed it.

After I climaxed, she was left rubbing her pussy. She was doing it as an indicator that it was fine. She would not have minded if I was to continue. I was her pro of the moment. After it was over, she gave me a deep kiss and started dressing up quickly. We were to start the project and it was already late. When I looked at her as we started the project, she declared that she had fallen in love with me. I was not surprised. From how I was feeling, it was like I had also fallen for her.