“We are attending a cocktail party tomorrow, darling.” My husband, Tim, said to me as he got ready for work.

“Oh…” I responded cocking my head to the side as I waited for more details.

Tim turned to glance at me, a smile lit up his face.

“It’s my promotion party. I’m now an Executive Officer.” He said.

“Shut up!” I exclaimed, jumping to my feet on the bed. We had been waiting for this moment, Tim has worked as Office Manager at Bryson’s Company for twelve years.

“This is so awesome! Oh my gosh, Tim! Why didn’t you tell me last night?” I exclaimed.

“You were asleep, baby.” He said as he chuckled

“Uhh… Wake me up, duh!”

“Stop exaggerating!” he said while he combed through his blonde hair.

This man, he was always so calm about everything but not me, I liked to be bubbly and extra.

“I am going gown shopping. I need to look like the Queen of the event.” I had said dreamily, a smile on my face. I love this man so much, my vanilla man.

“You are a Queen everyday baby.”


He placed a chaste kiss on my lips, “You know, baby, see you later, Hershey.”

I scrunched up my nose at his stupid nickname for me.

He knew I hated the nickname, but he called me that regardless because he loved it.

My name is Arielle, and I have been married to Tim Woolf for three years, this marriage did not sit well with my family. Currently, I am the black sheep of the family, my family hardly speak to me, they believe I have been brainwashed, they said they could not believe I was part of those disgraces that fall for the colonizers, my father told me not to come back home until I divorce the cracker I married.

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I found that disrespectful and told him off. He struck me across the face. I have not visited home since, Tim has tried to talk me into going to visit them, perhaps they would have a change of heart, but I was not having that, I did not want them disrespecting him to his face anymore. They could not respect my decision.

My family members are hard-hearted; they would not give us a chance overnight. Even my siblings don’t talk to me. Last time I spoke to my sister when I bumped into her at the park while walking the dog, she had asked if I had given birth already or expecting and when I replied ‘no,’ she said to me, “oh pity, our ancestors must have cursed you for being such a disappointment, Kayla got married last year, she’s expecting a child now.”

Kayla is the name of my younger sister, the fact that she could throw that at me with no remorse got me off guard.

“I froze my eggs, Christy, Tim and I are not ready for kids yet,” I said to her calmly, trying to be reasonable, trying to see if she would give me a chance to bond with her. Instead, she proved to me again that she was the daughter of our parents. She spat on the ground, disdain in her eyes as she stared at me, “May God forgive you.”

She shoved past me, leaving me standing there with the dog’s leash in my hand.

It is tough not to be on good terms with family. You feel more alone in the world than anything else, Tim tried to fill up the space but he really can’t, it’s different things.

I married Tim because I love him. I chose him over family because he showed me what true love was if my family was willing to drop me, then they do not love me, I believe.

I dragged my feet as I made my way into the bathroom, letting my robe drop to the floor, stepped into the bathroom, turned on the shower. I felt a calmness wash over me as I lathered my body with soap, my hands roamed my body soothingly, I ran my fingers over my hard nipples, shut my eyes while I let my fingers slide to my coochie, I rubbed on my clit before slipping a finger in, thrusting in and out slowly, the water hitting my skin made me more aroused a soft mood tune played from the sound system deafening my moans, I regretted not going in with my dildo or vibrator, I shook my fingers inside me, curled up two of them like a hook while I hit my G-Spot repeatedly, my tummy tightened, I gasped and held my breath as I squirted, I washed myself up.

It was so difficult to pick a dress to wear. Still, I finally picked a red high slit gown. It was of lace material with studs and a long-sleeved shoulder. I set it aside, then made my way to the cashier. On getting home I decided to check up on makeup looks that would suit the type of look I was going for, I am definitely rocking this smoky look with my blonde wig, be on some Beyoncé thing. I laughed at my joke before getting up to make something to eat, Taco sounds nice.

“Stop… Tim stop! It tickles.” I laughed like a maniac as my man tickled my feet while I tried my best not to kick his face and ruin his look for the next day. He had gotten a trim, and his green eyes lit up like the sun hitting a jade, his face cleanly shaved.

“I want to eat…” he cooed, pouting as he pulled the puppy dog eyes on me.

“No! I am saving sex for tomorrow!” I said, laughing, keeping my legs crossed.

“No cock, just tongue.” He said with a poor British accent.

“Fuck off.”

“Why would you not let me please you, woman?!” He asked, exasperated as he swayed his arms in the air.

I chuckled at my big baby.

“You may feast tomorrow, honey. Get some rest. We need the energy to groove tomorrow.” I said

“Cocktail not Disco Arielle.” Hé said, rolling his eyes as he climbed into bed, taking his space beside me.

I hugged him from behind and whispered, “we could skip the cocktail and so disco.”

I heard him kiss his teeth, I buried my face in his back a smile crept up my face, I loved to see Tim happy, I did, but he must not know what I had done.

My husband and I walked into Bryson’s mansion. It was swimming with elites.

“Ahhh! Here is the man of the hour! Tim Woolf.” Bryson’s voice boomed as he walked towards us with a petite woman clinging to his side.

“Mr. Bryson, thanks for hosting this I’m my honor.” My darling said, shaking hands with his boss.

“oh, nonsense! Enjoy, network there are a lot of big shots here, Tim, fetch me their wallets.” Bryson said, his tone sounded severe.

He looked at me in awe for a minute, “my, my, Arielle, you look gorgeous!” he said, stretching out his hand for me to take as he made me do a three-sixty turn.

I gulped as I felt a bit weird, but I let out a toothy grin, “Bryson, hello. Thank you for giving Tim this promotion. He deserves it.” I said, rubbing my husband’s arm, Bryson watched me every move, amusement wrote all over his face.

He cleared his throat, “This is my wife, Loretta.”

“Nice to meet you, Loretta.” I greeted her warmly. Her smile, however, was cold, “Yes, Yes, nice to meet you.” She replied curtly, her nose in the air.

I could see the men gawking at me. I bet Bryson could see them fawning over me as well, “Best get to work and be back to your woman before these men get drunk and try to steal her.” he said to Tim, chuckling.

“You’ve been ignoring my texts and calls Arielle.” He said to me, darkly.

“I swear, I haven’t.”

“you lie! Do you want to snake your way out of a deal? I can undo what is done. It is within my power, after all.”

“It was just meant to be that one time!” I exclaimed.

“no, Arielle, you thought wrong. You came into my home demanding your husband be promoted because he deserved it. I asked what you had to offer, you said you had nothing, I made my offer, and you asked ‘if you fuck me would you give him a promotion?’ and I said yes Arielle, I bent you over in my office, buried myself inside you as I fucked the living shit out of you.”

I shut my eyes trying not to think about that day.

“you loved it, Arielle. You begged for more, and you kissed me hungrily. I said I’d set another appointment, but you have since then ignored my advances, I thought doing what you wanted would make you respond to me but you didn’t. Then you had to guts to show up at my house looking  majestic and stunning, flirting with your husband in my presence, in my house, no regard whatsoever!”

“I am sorry, I love my man way too much, and I do not want to cheat on him.”

“you already did. You are now my Mistress for as long as he remains in that position.”

“No! There has to be another way, Bryson.”

“oh, but yes, Arielle, you made me mad. You played dirty with a lion, and you tried to cheat me. I own you, if you decide you do not want this, it’s fine, you have a choice… If your choice doesn’t sit well with me, I must say, I’ll break Tim’s heart by sacking him out of the blue, then I’ll just tell him all about our affair. ”

I clasped my hands over my mouth with teary eyes trying not to cry.

“the ball is in your court. Follow me to my red room or leave my home with your husband strutting the walk of shame.”

I cringed at the thought. I don’t want Tim finding out about this ever. Neither did I want him to lose the job he had only just gotten.

“For how long, Bryson?” I asked.

“For as long as I find you interesting, Arielle.” He said, groping my butt. He hummed in satisfaction.

“So plump and soft.” He whispered, “shall we?” He asked, motioning me forward with a light push.

‘I am so sorry, Tim.’ I thought.

Bryson cuffed my hands and hung them to a hook hanging from the ceiling in the dimly lit red room. He pulled off his tie, “this would teach you not to be bad anymore.” He said as he strapped a ball gag in my mouth.

I whimpered, crossing my legs in the cold room, my dress had been taken off of me. It hit me that I had made a deal with the devil. I felt his cold hand on my ass, he bounced my butt cheeks huffing and puffing like a baby who had just overfed, he rested his head on my ass, “this would be fun.” He said I felt him behind me as he blindfolded my eyes.

I lost my balance as a sharp pain went through my body, a sharp ‘thwap’ followed the first, Bryson smacked my ass over and over with a spanker, my legs gave way, so I toppled over repeatedly against my will.

He parted my thighs with the thick wooden object then lightly rapped on my coochie.

I bit into the ball in my mouth. I wanted him to stop, and I could feel the tingling and sting of my ass cheeks with every turn I made, I could not make love to Tim with the way things decided to turn out, he would see the bruises. Also, my arms were hurting from being strung up for long.

His thumb pressed against my clit through my panties. He pulled my panties to the side, “no time for foreplay little one, Tim would be finding you soon.”

His cock teased my pussy before penetrating, this ha: to be some sort of cruelty, I was hanging from the ceiling, bent over while being pummeled over and over by Bryson, his grunts, and raspy breath clouded the room, I whimpered, the gag limited the sounds I could make, this was more pain than pleasure. A tear slipped down my eye.

He pulled out of me to cum on the ground, and I could hear the splatter.

‘Doesn’t his woman do anything?’ I thought to myself.

He undid my blindfold, then the ball gag, he crashed his lips on mine, kissed me aggressively, his hands caressed my breasts.

I kissed him back to get it over with while his hands roamed upwards as he released me from bondage.

“Clean up and join the party.” He said, fixing himself up, leaving me collapsed on the cold floor in his red room.

The experience was in no way excellent, and I was aware that I had to get used to sleeping with this man if I wanted better treatment than this, the way he called me Mistress made me feel like a slut.

I wore my gown, not feeling the same pride I had felt before I left my home.

This wasn’t Tim’s fault, but I have no choice than to say I did this for him, he had been whining nonstop about the poor treatment he was receiving, how he deserved better, how he has served Bryson for years and deserved a promotion and not Harry, who had just started working at their company and was on the list of those who would get the possible promotion, from the look of things at the event tonight, no one had expected Tim to get it, but they all thought he deserved it, why Bryson couldn’t see that from the onset is shocking to me. I retouched my makeup feeling revolted.

I walked down the stairs, and heads turned, they stared at me as though they had seen the sun come down from the sky.

“Here comes my bride, here comes my bride.” Tim sang off-key, waiting for me at the foot of the staircase. He had had a lot to drink. I laughed as I took my last step on the stairs taking his hands in mine. I tried not to wince, smiled through my pain. I searched out the eyes of the devil who had done this to me, alas there he was, seated like King on his Victorian sofa, his wife sat beside him feeding him cherry, his eyes bored a hole in my body.

“Let’s dance, Mon Cheri.”

We slow danced to the music playing in the background, my face buried in the crook of his neck, my body hurt, but this was Tim’s big night.

I don’t know how I’d get him to not fuck me tonight. I was in too much pain.

‘Is this how it’s always going to be with Bryson?

Too much pain, so I can’t fuck my man?’ I had so many questions running through my head. But the one that flashed the most was, ‘when is he going to call me for more?’ worse, ‘what if Tim comes across my messages or my phone rings in his presence or a mutual friend spots Bryson and I.’ I was so worried.

Tim knew my password for everything. He knew when I was unhappy even when I tried to hide it. I feared it was only a matter of time before he found out if I don’t get my act right, he just couldn’t tell something is wrong at this moment because he had had too much to drink.

“Let us go home, Tim, and I don’t feel good.” I said, pulling away.

“oh, okay.” He replied, his forehead wrinkled with worry as he stared at me skeptically, accessing me.

“I am fine, Tim. You worry too much, and I just want to rest.” I said to him.

“Let’s go say our goodbyes to Bryson and his wife.”

I nodded, for an American, my Tim was too traditional.

“Thanks once again for this opportunity, Mr.Bryson, Arielle and I would be leaving now.”

“Oh! Silly Tim, you haven’t cut your cake and given your toast yet. Those are mandatory, and we have not even taken photos yet.” Bryson said in a monotonous voice, almost as if daring us to leave.

“I am sure leaving would not hurt anyone. Please cut the cake and make the toast on our behalf.” I said, but it came off a bit sassy. I flashed a smile as I pulled my husband away. He was not a pushover or a weak man, but if I did not interrupt, he would have tried to convince me to stay for longer.

“Hmm, sexy!” he muttered, giving a low roar. I chuckled, “hand me your car keys, Tiger.” I said.

Tim hugged me from behind, placed kisses on my neck,  I tilted my head to the side to give him room, he pulled me in for a kiss, I laughed heartily as his hair tickled me. I know I said I wouldn’t have sex with Tim tonight, I checked my ass in the mirror, and my ass cheeks were not red, they were swollen a bit but not red.

Tim flipped us over,  so he was on top of me, he slipped his tongue in my mouth, twirling it around, I met him with the tip of my tongue, I bit his lip as I  wrapped my arms around his neck.

He slipped his finger in my sore pussy, I winced.

“Are you okay, baby?” he asked.

“yh, I just overworked it with a vibrator.” I lied.

He chuckled. I flipped us over, straddled him as I undid his pajama shirt, I leaned forward kissed his eyebrows, I placed a light kiss on his nose, I placed another on his chin, I took his lips in mine, grinding on his cock through his pants, I moaned into the kiss.

He pulled off his pants, and I inserted his cock in me, I rode him while he sucked on my breast,  pinching my other nipple. We loved the face-off sex. It gave us the right amount of intimacy.

I sat in Tim’s laps, my back against his chest, he thrust in and out of me, rolling his hips, I felt his cock turn inside me, it sent my mind to the moon, I cried out, my hips moving in rhythm, he choked me, his fingers in my mouth as I licked and sucked on them.

“fuck Arielle!” he moaned not going harder, my breasts bounced with each thrust, he held me down by my waist, so I felt him deep inside me.

“harder, fuck!” I cried out, Tim spanked my sore ass. I loved the pleasure from the pain before I could stop myself, I moaned, “spank me again.”

“Damn Arielle, you naughty girl, you spoil me.” He said, pulling out of me, he threw me on one bed.

‘Yes, daddy, fuck me, silly.’ I thought to myself.

I walked into Bryson’s home office. The devil had been blowing up my line since last night. It’s been a week since our previous encounter. I wonder what took him so long.

“ahhh! It’s the Guardian of Woolf.” He said in a mocking tone, almost jealous.

“Good Day, Bryson,” I said, dropping my bag on his desk.

“Good Day to you too, Mistress.” He responded cheekily.

“have fun?” I asked with an attitude.

“I am!” he said, getting up.

“Strip!” he commanded.

He walked around his desk to shut the door.

“but your wife…” I started. He cut me off, “Fucking strip!” I jumped a bit before I began to unzip my gown. I was about to pull off my shoes when he said, “leave them on.”

I obeyed. He spun me around to face him. I stood ashamedly in my underwear, he ran his fingertips along the swell of my breasts, the tip of his tongue peeking as he stared at me hungrily.

Bryson is not a bad looking man, in fact, he is very handsome, his hair as dark as night and silky, his Balbo beard, his ocean blue eyes, chiseled jawline, his dimples, perfect eyebrows, he looked like he stepped out of a Disney cartoon, almost too good to be real, but he was cocky, arrogant and very much a nasty person.

“you like what you see?” he asked dead close to my face, I felt his hard cock pressed against my stomach.

“Get it over with Bryson,” I uttered in disgust.

“I’ll make you love me, Arielle, I’ll give you anything you want, take you anywhere you want Arielle.” He said, chuckling, he ran his fingers across my lace panties. It left an excellent sensation I wouldn’t lie.

I shuddered as the motion sent chills down my spine.

“You like that, don’t you?” he asked, rubbing my clit through my panties.

“For someone who hates me, I sure make you wet.” He said in a husky voice.

“I…” I started, but he cut me off with a kiss, he stuck a finger in my butthole, I gasped.

Fuck my life! It felt good, he thrust his finger in and out of my butthole, licking and sucking on my tits. I moaned as he pulled away, “suck my cock.” He said, whipping out his dick. He pushed me down, I licked the tip of his dick, twirled my tongue around it, then sucked on the head.

“stop being a fucking tease and suck my cock.” He moaned, grabbing a handful of my hair.

I started to work his shaft, while I sucked him, I licked the veins on his cock, bopping my head to his rhythm as he controlled my movement, I deep-throated him, gagged on his dick, my saliva coated his dick.

“yes, fuck! Arielle, that’s a good girl.” He moaned.

He pulled me up, “bend over.” He said.  Pushing me against his desk, I did as he said.

“Look at that perfect body.” He exclaimed as he smacked my ass.

“I love the way it bounces back.” He said, laughing like a kid high off candy.

“hmmm…” I moaned, clapping my ass to tease him, maybe I shouldn’t have done that.

I heard him bellow with laughter as he penetrated me, grabbing my ass cheeks. He thrust in and paused as he pushed his thumb into my asshole, I gave a low cry of pleasure, my legs shook, he thrust in and out of me shaking his thumb in his ass, I rubbed on my clit roughly, throwing my ass back, he pushed my lower back down on the desk, as I received the back shots, he lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist, he banged me without mercy, smacking my ass harshly, I held on to the table tightly.

“This pussy is mine! This is good pussy.” he grunted as he gave me slow strokes, my eyes rolled to the back, my body convulsed, he pulled out of me, preventing me from cumming while he shot his cum on my ass.

He carried me, my legs wrapped around his waist as he re-inserted himself in me after pegging my nipples with nipple clamps.

“they hurt.” I moaned.

“shhhhhh,” he whispered as he laid me gently on the desk, he slowly hit my G-spot over and over, sending a sensation down my spine.

He pressed my head into the desk, his raspy breath and mine in sync.

“fuck Bryson! I’m going to cum…”

“Arielle?!” I jumped spun around to see a heartbroken Tim starting at me, his face tomato red.

“oh, I could have sworn I locked the door.” Bryson said, his voice way too high pitched.

“Tim…” I started, “be quiet, woman!” Bryson said to me. He shoved his dick into his briefs, then pulled on his pants.

He seemed so calm about this whole thing.

I pulled my gown on, my heart racing.

“you sent for me.” Tim had said, bitterly facing Bryson.

“Oh yeah, yeah! Yes, I did. I’ve forgotten why.” Bryson said, chuckling.

Son-of-a-bitch set me up. The motherfucker did this intentionally, and this was why he had been quiet this whole time, he had been plotting.

“I will be on my way now.” Tim said, not looking at me. I grabbed my bag as I chased after him.

I grabbed his arm.

“Tim, please look at me, let me explain.” I pleaded.

I yanked his arm out of my grip.

“Explain what? Explain what Arielle? I gave you all of my love, I did whatever you wanted, and you dare to do me like this? You are sleeping with my boss Arielle?”

“I can explain.”

“Let me hear it already!”

“I went to see him about giving you a promotion. I swear that was it, and he demanded sex in return, and I thought it was just that once but he is a devil, Tim, I swear he tricked me. He started blowing up my phone and threatening me, and I found myself in this mess. I swear it.”

“I didn’t ask you to do that Arielle, I planned on getting another job.”

“I just wanted you to be happy about how you make me happy.” I cried.

“you and Bryson can have a happy life.” He said bitterly.

I crashed to the floor sobbing as I watched him walked away. I know he did not mean it.

A resounding clap startled me.

“such an actress, I should talk to Johnny for you, find you a place in Hollywood.”

I ignored him as I cried into my palms.

“with all of that theatrics, Oh Tim, he tricked me, Tim.” He imitated me, “one would think you weren’t just moaning my name and begging for more. You fucking bitch!”

I got off the floor, stared at him dead in the eye, “you will rue this day Bryson.” I said.

“no, what will happen on this day is, you go back to Tim’s house, grab your shit and meet my driver at the company to take you to your new tower Rapunzel,” He stated, dangerously calm.

I spat on his face, he wiped it off then stared at me before slapping me across the face with the back of his hand.

“no matter what you do, I’ll always be married to Tim, and I’d rather die than to leave that man.”

“you left that man the moment you took my fucking cock, you cunt.”

“Talk to me, Tim, please.” I pleaded.

“it was not necessary. You didn’t have to do that! I didn’t ask you to do that!” He said sobbing.

“I am in danger, Tim, please. Help me. He is going to ruin my life. I didn’t know it was going to be like this. I did not mean for any of this shit to happen. I know sorry doesn’t cut it, I did it out of love, and I know my excuse is foolish. But please help me.” I begged.

Tim into my eyes, I could see the mix of the love and the pain.

He didn’t say a word, he just got up and left.

“Multi-Millionaire CEO of Bryson Incorporation found dead in his vehicle with three bullet wounds to the head. An investigation is on-going…”

I turned off the Tv. No, no, it couldn’t have been Tim, he is too sweet for that. Not him.


I turned to see Tim standing in the hallway.

“I took care of him.” He said.

“what do you mean took care of him? That was not what I meant!” I cried, taking steps back.

“Are you running from me? You made me do this!”

“I didn’t ask you to kill him!” I cried.

“neither did I ask you to fuck him!” he yelled.

“Besides, I didn’t do it. I had a hitman do the job, zero access to me. I can’t get caught, and he wouldn’t know who to name.”


“how you feel right now… That is how I feel.”

I crashed into the sofa, sobbing. Tim lay next to me, placing his head on my laps, tears slipping down his face.

“Is this the right time to ask for a baby?” he asked me.

“fuck off, Tim! I’m going to bed.”

“I want a baby, Arielle, and then I want a divorce.” He said, following me.

“a child, really? Do you think about a child at this hour? We are responsible for that man’s death. What do you mean by divorce Tim? We took an oath, ‘Till death do us part,’ you played your part as my husband, I know I have wronged you, but we would have to learn to live with it because I can not lose you, Tim Woolf, I have nobody. I love you.”